Published : 2023-08-03

Functional food Momordica charantia: biological activities

Falah Saleh Mohammed

Imran Uysal

Mustafa Sevindik


Complementary medicine history includes a lot of knowledge based on human history. In this context, different plant species are used in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Plants are important natural productsthat attract attention with their nutritive and non-nutritive compounds. They contain many bioactive compounds that are not particularly nutritious but very important from a medical point of view. In our study, the biological activities of Momordica charantia reported in the literature were compiled. In addition, mineral, nutrient and chemical contents reported in the literature were compiled. The fruits of M. charantia are known as bitter gourd. In different parts of the world, it is used for many purposes as salad, direct food product, dried and spiced. It is used locally for different purposes in different countries. It is used as a supplement or sweetener in many foods, especially in East Asian countries. In our study, in addition to the nutritional properties of the plant, its medicinal properties were emphasized. As a result of the research, it was determined that the plant has many biological activities such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, antihyperglycemic, antiulcer, DNA protective, cytotoxic, anthelmintic, antiepimastigote, antiviral, immunomodulative, radioprotective, hepatoprotective, antidiabetes, antitumor, antiproliferative, antistress, hypoglycaemic, antimutagenic, or antiaging. In addition, it stands out with its nutritional properties. It is thought that it may be a natural source for the compounds reported in the literature data. Based on these studies, it is thought that Momordica charantia may be an important natural agent.


Antioxidant, Bitter melon, Biological activities, Goya, Momordica





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Mohammed, F. S., Uysal, I., & Sevindik, M. (2023). Functional food Momordica charantia: biological activities. Prospects in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 21(3), 22–29.

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